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About Us | Adam Curtis Online

Adam Curtis Online showcases a special selection of textile products that have been designed, developed and produced within the UK by either ourselves or top UK designers.

Although we prefer working with British Wool and supporting the British wool industry, other wools and fibres are sometimes used, more often than not to create something truly unique. We believe in only using the very best materials for the job and never use cheap fibre or questionable sources in our products. Country of origin is always clearly stated in item descriptions.

Wools From Around The World... we don't just offer finished goods, we also supply greasy or scoured, wool and combed wool top from a wide selection of countries. We tend to favour British Wool in general but can offer, New Zealand, Falkland and Viking (Wools of Norway). A 'Wool List' is available upon request

We offer a custom design service on my floor rugs and carpets; please use the contact form or call for more information. All of our products are available wholesale; certain minimums do apply, varying between product range. We are a licensee of The British Wool Marketing Board and support the NFU and Campaign for Wooll. All of our goods may be sent internationally and many of our products are recognised all over the world!