Real Shetland Sheepskin - Fawn Mottle

Real Shetland Sheepskin - Fawn Mottle

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Fawn Mottle Real Shetland Sheepskin

A chunky natural fawn Shetland sheepskin with a chunky pile that starts off a deep fawn shade at the base, running into a very light fawn at the time.

94cm long by 64cm at its widest.  The pile of this natural sheepskin has a lot of volume to it which gives a lovely overall soft handle.  Combined with the varying shades of fawn, overall it is a very attractive piece.

Sourced exclusively from the Shetland Islands and prepared in the UK, our beautiful sheepskins are of the highest quality.  This natural coloured sheepskin keeps its original colour, with no bleaching used to alter this.

Please note: Our sheepskins are all natural and no two are exactly the same.

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