Real Shetland Yarns (hardback)

Real Shetland Yarns (hardback)

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Real Shetland Yarns: A collection of woolly tales and memories (hardback).

Real Shetland Yarns contains forty stories from people about their lives and their memories of Shetland, and how they are inextricably linked with wool, crofting and textiles.

This collection of short stories, beautifully illustrated with personal photographs, invites the reader to experience and understand the writers’ way of life and the islands themselves.

Book Trivia: Published by Jamieson & Smith, Shetland Wool Brokers, (2012) in collaboration with the Shetland Museum & Archives.  The stories were all part of a Vispring sponsored competition with the overall winner receiving a luxury Vispring Real Shetland bed which was delivered to all the way to Ollaberry (Shetland).

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